Calendared Mesh & Mesh Core Cable

Used primarily in high-temperature or cryogenic seals and gaskets, calendared mesh and mesh-core cable are designed to not just survive but flourish in operating environments where other materials, such as refractory rope or polymer substrates cannot.  During the design phase, wire types chosen specifically for their resistance to certain destructive elements give calendared mesh and mesh core cable resistance to temperature extremes, corrosion and otherwise destructive elements.  Additionally, because knitted wire mesh is essentially a complex spring, its compression characteristics and resiliency features give it an inherent resistance to mechanical wear.
The world leader in engineered knitted wire mesh solutions, ACS Industries, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing custom elements and components since 1946.  The world’s largest vertically integrated knitted wire mesh manufacturer, we have the capability and capacity to take a project from design to distribution – in-house every step of the way.
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