Specialty Wire

ACS Industries, Inc.’s Specialty Wire Division has manufactured high-quality stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire, and nickel alloy wire since we installed our first fine wire drawing equipment in 1947.  ACS offers superior quality high-value alloys for a variety of industrial applications.  A key differentiator in our knitted wire mesh business, our internal wire drawing capabilities make ACS the world’s largest vertically integrated knitted wire mesh manufacturer.

ACS offers the following high-value alloys for sale:

  • 300 series stainless steel fine wire
  • 400 series stainless steel fine wire
  • A286 fine wire
  • Inconel 600 fine wire
  • Inconel 601 fine wire
  • Monel 400 fine wire

Instead of placing orders for “finished” fine wire, we buy 5.5mm (0.217”) “raw” wire rod in heat-lot quantities from steel mills and draw it down as fine as 0.043mm (0.0017”). 


Given global demand for steel and nickel alloys today, our ability to draw wire internally provides for optimally controlled costs, lead times and quality. ACS supports our wire drawing operation by further vertical integration, specifically through the manufacture and maintenance of diamond wire drawing dies.  In addition, we also produce our own expanded metal in-house by stamping and stretching metal strip into precision crafted materials.  Vertical integration ensures three main competitive advantages:

   1.  Our materials costs are the lowest in industry.

   2.  Our materials lead times are the lowest in the industry.

   3.  Overall material control results in superior product quality.

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