Industrial Non-Wovens

Through our Scrubble® Products Division, ACS Industries, Inc. has manufactured non-woven hand scouring pads and floor cleaning pads since 1992.  With our second non-woven production line started up in the fall of 2006, we are now positioned to offer high-quality roll goods and converted material from our manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico.


ACS manufactures both needle punched and non-needled punched non-woven constructions with minimum thicknesses of 1/8” and ¼”, respectively.  The maximum thickness for both types is 2”.  Our non-woven material ranges from 6 - 200 deniers with larger fiber sizes producing a more open non-woven web.

Non-Woven Filtration Media

ACS can engineer non-woven media to a specific application by adjusting characteristics such as pore size, density, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.  Click here for more information on ACS’ Non-Woven Filtration Media.

Non-Woven Breathers

As with our Non-Woven Filtration Media, ACS can produce Non-Woven Breathers to meet any application’s environmental requirements.  Click here for more information on ACS’ Non-Woven Breathers.

Non-Woven Roll Goods

ACS is positioned to ship truckload and less than truckload quantities of non-woven roll goods.  Click here for more information on ACS' Non-Woven Roll Goods.

Converted Non-Woven Material 

In addition to supplying non-woven roll goods, ACS has a full cutting department for shipping converted non-woven material.  Click here for more information on ACS’ Converted Non-Woven Material.

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