Flex-Joint Seals

Operational stresses such as thermal expansion, vibrations and engine torque make exhaust system connections very susceptible to leaks. ACS' knitted wire mesh flex-joint seals stop these leaks.  Also applicable in static joints, they absorb dynamic movement in exhaust systems caused by simple operational functions like turning an engine on or braking hard.  Exhaust components with rigid pipe connections are prone to leaks, increased noise and vibration and overall premature failure.
Because there are so many connections within an exhaust system, and depending on the engine and exhaust system orientations, the sealing joints must be able to withstand many potentially destructive elements such as thermal expansion, exposure to water, system movement and the corrosive elements in different types of exhaust.


To compensate for different operating requirements, fillers such as grafoil, mica and VGF are added to knitted wire mesh skeletons.  Flex-joint seals are usually made from 300 series stainless steel, though ACS' design and applications engineers are available to advise on alternate alloy and filler selections.  Our experience as a flex joint manufacturer ensures that your project will be done right.

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