Knitted Wire Mesh Support

ACS Industries, Inc.’s first automotive product, knitted wire mesh supports, was introduced for catalytic converter applications in 1976.  Currently used in many on-road, off-road and non-road applications, our reliable and cost effective “support mesh” is an excellent mounting alternative for low-temperature gasoline and diesel underbody systems.  Generally, these engines do not produce enough heat to fully expand intumescent mat support systems.  Since knitted wire mesh support is basically a spring, there is no chance for cold-hold durability issues.
Knitted wire mesh support systems can be tailored to fit any converter and its operational requirements.  Tweaking material characteristics and how the mesh is knitted change its compression characteristics, allowing it to be custom tailored to match the required radial mounting pressures from all substrates, conventional to ultra-thin-walled.
These systems have also proven to be extremely durable, without any failures in more that 25 million light-duty vehicle underbody applications. In addition, CP and CPk studies throughout the industry have proven these systems’ manufacturability.
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