Mufflers & Silencers

Cost effective and efficient, knitted wire mesh's basic construction makes it a very good muffler or silencer element.  In addition, our steel wool and Scrubble® materials form a complete line of mufflers and silencers.

High-Performance Muffler Sleeves

The next step in muffler packing technology, ACS' High-Performance Muffler Sleeves offer all of the acoustic properties of steel wool with the strength and durablility of mesh.  Click here for more informatation on ACS' High-Performance Muffler Sleeves.

Knitted Wire Mesh Mufflers & Silencers

Knitted wire mesh's interlocking-loop construction creates an entrainment filter effect when compressed.  In addition to their superior liquid and gas filtration properties, these compressed mesh elements make terrific acoustic noise dampeners.  Click here for more information on ACS' Knitted Wire Mesh Mufflers and Silencers.

Scrubble® Packing

 Derivatives of our Scrubble® Product Division’s scouring media, ACS’ Scrubble® packing and steel wool are used extensively in aftermarket automotive and industrial mufflers and silencers.

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