Gaskets and Seals

Today’s diesel engines are as clean or cleaner than most gasoline powered engines.  Engine Technology is vastly improved and sophisticated emission control

systems are used on diesel powered trucks, cars and boats.  The exhaust systems involve various combinations of selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), diesel particulate filters (DPF) and Lean Nox Trap (LNT) catalysts.  In addition, there are many clamped and/or bolted joints connecting the exhaust piping from the manifold or turbo charger outlet to the muffler and ultimately to the tailpipe.  These clamped or bolted joints can be static or dynamic in nature and temperatures of the exhaust vary depending on the application and location of the joint.  The vast majority of these joints require a gasket or seal to provide the lowest exhaust leakage. 

ACS manufactures a wide variety of gaskets & seals for v-clamps, band clamps, bolted joints, spring loaded joints etc. to meet most any exhaust sealing application.  We work with leading clamp manufacturers around the world to develop the most cost effective and durable solutions for the market.  We have load frames, flow benches and a multi-axis test machine to evaluate and confirm design feasibility & performance.
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