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ACS Purchasing Department Mission Statement

ACS Industries, Inc. will seek to negotiate and purchase goods and/or services from suppliers who offer the best value in price, quality, service and on time delivery. ACS Purchasing will use vendors who offer the best available payment terms, warranties, technology, long term relationships, capacity, and financial capability while observing all legal and ethical practices.

Commercial Relationship

ACS Purchasing is the only organization authorized to commit ACS Industries Inc., ACS Industries, LP, ACS Automotive Division and Scrubble® Products to a purchasing agreement. Only a Purchase Order executed by ACS Purchasing is your assurance that the purchase and your invoice will be paid in accordance with the agreed upon terms and conditions.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions listed below are only terms that apply to all ACS purchasing agreements, unless specifically agreed in writing by an authorized ACS Buyer. Terms and conditions

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New vendor information form

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Purchasing department contact list

For more information regarding purchasing and logistics, please contact us:

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