Automotive & Industrial Wire Mesh Products


Automotive Wire Mesh Components

Automotive Wire Mesh Components


ACS offers a full line of gaskets and seals, mixers, and support system products used in both light and heavy duty diesel exhaust systems.

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The world’s preeminent airbag filter, coolant and propellant retainer manufacturer, our elements distribute, cool and filter particulate during inflation as well as hold the propellant in place.
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From specialty muffler packings to static and flex joint seals, ACS manufactures a full line of exhaust system components.

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From knitted wire mesh supports to compressed mesh erosion protecting edge seals and gas tight seals, we offer a full line of catalytic converter, particulate filter and other after-treatment substrate mounting components for on-road, off-road and non-road applications.
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Fabricated Components


Fabricated Components

Through industry leading experience and know-how, ACS' design and applications engineers can design custom fabricated components for virtually any application.

Our roll formed tubes are made with the same care and quality as our air bag inflator filters


Leveraging existing products and services from across our business, ACS manufactures specially designed woven wire mesh filters for a variety of applications.

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A full line of removable and reusable insulation products including knitted wire mesh, lacing anchors, hog rings, high-temperature sewing thread and more. 


ACS manufactures knitted wire mesh shielding tape, compressed wire mesh gaskets, tadpole gaskets and round over-knit elastomer gasketing.

Strong but soft, flexible but unbreakable, this versatile material is the ultimate abrasive material for cleaning extrusion equipment, dies and the like.

Primarily used in high-temperature seals and gaskets, cable and calendared products are designed for optimal functionality in the most hostile of environments.


ACS offers roll goods and converted non-woven material for breather, filter and other industrial applications.


Scrubble® Products

Since 1939, ACS Industries, Inc.'s first product line has evolved into the U.S. leader in institutional and commercial scouring products.

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With applications in virtually every industry, ACS Industries, Inc. can tailor knitted wire mesh to fit your needs.